Top 10 Tweets of The First-Ever UN Secretary General Debates

On Tuesday (until earlier Morning Wednesday) The UN Secretary General Debate was on Facebook live. It was peppered with issues about UN Peacekeepers, Syria, Refugees, and the misuse of funds within the UN. The shining stars of the night were the ladies, with six of the twelve UNSG Candidates. Based on tweets and AJ Interactive site (Al Jazeera English hosted the event) Helen Carter (whom works at UNDP and is from New Zealand), Christina Figueres (whom works as the UN Climate Change Chief and is from Costa Rica), and Vuk Jeremic (whom is a former UN General Assembly President and is from Serbia); are the most popular candidates to the general public, but unfortunately we don’t get to vote. Following Straw polls and discusses, The Security Council will decide on the next Secretary General and the General Assembly will ratify their decision.The first straw poll of the GA will be on July 21st. Despite having no say in the matter we’re all still social creatures sharing our views online, so here are some of the best tweets of the night:

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