Good Girl Revolt

This past weekend Amazon released a show based on real events that every Millennial should watch. Good Girls Revolt is based on the 2012 nonfiction book of the same name by Lynn Povich. It tells an fictionalized version of the the 1969-70s lives of the women at Newsweek  (News of the Week) leading up to the 1970s ACLU aided EEOC filing.


This show is like the love child of The Newsroom and Mad Men with a huge dose of lady power. Not just any lady power but that of smart, creative, 20 to 30 somethings. Some of these include Nora Ephraim (portrayed by Grace Grummer) and Eleanor Holmes Norton (portrayed by Joy Bryant). I’m curious to find out what Sen. Norton thinks of it and how close it is to related. Should we all start calling her Eleanor? The character did tell us that she “does not belong to (her) father or (her) husband so just Eleanor is fine…” I’d love to say I’m on first name basis with such an esteemed member of Congress.


I read this book when it came out but I wanted to understand it in the context of the show. I found this wonderful piece by another Eleanor, Eleanor Clift. Additionally this is a good NPR piece on the show and clips of interviews to further explain the real women’s situation.

amazon ggr ad

No matter what your political views are, Good Girl Revolt is full of fascinating characters to enjoy and to influence your perspective. With all social and political events going on in the show and in our modern times, you should stop reading this and add Good Girls Revolt to your Amazon queue.

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