Cold Brewed Turkish Iced Cofee

Mmm, right? Two wonderful things put together.

Cold brewed coffee + Turkish coffee= coffee heaven (angels sing)

I was laying awake after my daily 3am novel writing and thought to myself: “Self, regular ground coffee and fancy presses are too expensive in Egypt. How can I get the yummy Iced Coffee with Cold Brewed Coffee taste without the high cost?”

And I answered myself, “Self, you can use things you have on hand. Do an experiment and tell your blog readers about the results.”

Thankfully this article is not lame (beyond that inner monologue) because it is so yummy even my traditional, “Turkish coffee is the only real coffee,” loving husband really enjoyed this icy treat.



2 TBSP finely ground coffee (preferably high quality Turkish coffee)

4 cups of water

2 TBSP of dissolved sweetener of your choice (dissolved in hot water then chilled) *adjust this amount according to your desired level of sweetness

Optional milk, cream, non-dairy whatever 🙂

ice cubes (optional)


2 jar or large 1.5lb takeout soup container (this is great if you like to freeze the final product)

Strainers, coffee filter, or muslin

Glass or travel cup

Optional elastic

Optional straw


  1. Add a small amount of water into jar
  2. Measure coffee into jar
  3. Fill the jar the rest of the way with water
  4. Seal lid and shake until there is no unmoistened grounds
  5. Place in refrigerator for six to eight hours (the long the grounds soak the stronger the brew)
  6. Add ice to cup (optional)
  7. Shake jar
  8. Criss-cross two strainers so the mesh is in opposite directions or lay the muslin/coffee filter over the jar and hold it in place using the elastic (alternative options for straining pictured below)
  9. Strain coffee into second jar
  10. Add dissolved and chilled sweetener
  11. Seal lid and shake again
  12. Pour coffee into to cup until it is half full
  13. Add a couple splashes of cream, milk, nondairy whatever you like into the cup
  14. Fill the remainder of the cup with coffee
  15. Add a straw, stir and enjoy!

I think the reason people buy cold brewed coffee at stores is not just about convenience but because they think, “these people are so professional they must being doing this perfectly.” But in reality some places don’t understand that iced coffee is not the same as cold brew because cold brew can be served hot. Iced coffee is also not simply pouring coffee over ice, because iced coffee needs to be brewed stronger than regular coffee to compensated for dilution of the brew by the additional water from the melting ice cubes. Nor is all ice coffee made by cold brew.

Ok, did I lose you? That was confusing, just typing it I feel overwhelmed by the wanna-be barista talk. Bottom-line, make this and you will be totally in control of your own coffee experience, plus you won’t have to wait in a line or spend upwards of five US Dollars. Simply keep the jar of strained and sweetened coffee in your refrigerator to enjoy in the morning and throughout the work day (ooh or on a lazy weekend, or at a bunch or…well you get the idea).


I made this coffee this morning and I’m having it as an evening pick-me-up. I’m so in love with this cold-brewed Turkish coffee I’m literally drinking it as I type with one hand! This is hands-down the best iced coffee or cold brewed coffee or maybe even the best Turkish coffee I have ever enjoyed. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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