This is a blog. Originally ‘blog’ literally meant web-log, but for me it means I have a place to share the stories, travels, news, lists, and whatever else is overflowing the corners of my mind and spilling out on to the page.

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Check out my blog posts below to learn more about what’s going on it my head and in the wider-world.

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I’m bringing you some of the most important news, fascinating stories, and…

At A Book Shop

Life at a book shop is interesting, informative, and often entertaining. Now I’m sharing some insider insights to help my fellow book lovers…


I’m always cooking up something yummy in my kitchen. It might be a crazy creation more like Mary Shelley’s idea of a mad scientist’s laboratory or

What I am…

What I am listening to, reading, and watching and loving at the moment that I


I love insta-culture and a quick-skim of an rss feed, but sometimes you want/need the long, or long-er, read…

My Life

Let’s get acquainted and get to know each other better. Here’s to getting personal :-*


Freebies, SWAG (Stuff We All Get), giveaways, contests, and…


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