10 More Things I’ve Seen in Egypt (so far)

A follow-up to “10 Things I’ve Seen in Egypt”

1. Tea Shops that have been open since the early 1900th century, but they still serve a coke and a smile #coke #cocacola

2.  Khan el khalil is a fun market to explore but don’t expect any deals. We only found one booth with items worth haggling for, and we found most of the other items we needed at fancy shops in downtown for equal or less than the prices at Khan el khalil.

3. There are people tunnels to travel across some busy streets here! Oh, and here was yesterday’s #ootd

4. Just because the alley is long, dark and winding, doesn’t mean there isn’t light and a beautiful building at the other end.

5.  Al Azhar Mosque is beautiful at any time of day and from any angle.

6. It makes you want to rush to wudu and pray salah. Which is why I am making that face when we were practicing Qur’anic recitations and he kept interupting me to correct!

7. The Hossam bin A’ali Mosque is a must see but has been oddly modified with weird neon lights.

8. Not all sales men on the street want to scam you or beg for tips. Some want to tell you about cool local events and expect nothing in return. Like the man who told us about a Tanura Show.

9. Darwish shows in Egypt include Turkish, Bedouin, and Upper Egyptian music and dance. The shows are called Tanura (Whirling Dervish (Darwish) Dance). It included Mozmar Dance, Darwish (3 main performers in the colorful skirts and at one point 10 in white dresses, galabayas), drums (including the traditional drum, Tabla), Rababa (a string instrument), recitations and dua’as, and singing and lots and lots of spinning and clapping.

10.  Thursday is special, it’s the end of the school and work week. School ends at 11am and work by 12 or 1pm.  This means I get to explore Cairo eating great food and going to listen to traditional music and a hiphop show with my hubby.

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