10 Things I’ve seen in Cairo, Egypt

Welcome to Egypt!

I moved to Egypt to visit my fiance and have our Islamic marriage earlier this month. It’s been quite a whirlwind! Both of us moved to Cairo, he started a new job, we signed the married documents, had our honeymoon, and moved into our first home together.

Cairo is very different from any place either of us have lived,  but this transition is less challenging for him because he is Egyptian, just from Suez.

Here’s some of the strange/oddly wonderful things I’ve been experiencing in Cairo, Egypt:

    1. Men ask for directions, even cabbies!


    1. You should store your onions and garlic on the porch or balcony and  your the sugar in the refrigerator


    1. Tissues come is scents!
    2. Naps for Everyone and Bedtimes for no one
    3. There never needs to be a reason for fireworks
    4. the call to pray can echo in unision, an not over lap in the yucky way on tv (a la Homeland, Tyrant, Dig, 24, Madame Secretary, and the like), but in a beautiful…enchanting way
    5. Wind and sandstorms are really loud
    6. Tips are expected by nearly everyone
    7. Modest is viewed in extremes and usually about fashion
    8. Poverty is not a secret, beggars line the streets, food has to be subsidized so people can afford to live. The average Egyptian adult lives on the equivalent of 2 USD a day. Although we live in a great neighboorhood, we face a tenament housing building, a beautiful historic Mosque, the lovely remodelled downtown, and a slum full of children, trash, and wild animals. It is hard for our hearts not to break when we see the starving children, elderly, and handicapped selling tissues for pinseras.




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