Beyond The Hashtag

Yesterday 3 people lost their lives because a mad man decided it was ok to open fire at someone since they work at Planned Parenthood.

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No matter what your feelings are about Planned Parenthood, we can all agree that it is tragic that three families went to bed without one member. It was Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, the beginning of the US holiday season. Imagine you are a child, so excited for the impending arrival of Santa Claus and waking up to sit on your daddy’s lap and open presents. Now imagine just less than 1 month before this special day, your whole world has forever change because of a terrorist. That is the situation the family of Garret Swasey and the families of the two civilians that were working.

This is not ok.

Maybe we should blame gun laws, the  blind hatred of Planned Parenthood, or the rise of normalizing extremism. Are those the biggest problem? The fact is we are so divided as a nation that we cannot get our representatives to have partisan votes on any bills on any of those topics.


Earlier this week I turned on my tv and found “Running Mates” was on. I had never seen it before and as a former campaign worker I was instantly hooked. My favorite scene is when the candidate goes  out to speak without the campaign team’s permission. Why would a candidate do such a thing when his entire career hangs in the balance? Because an ‘Abortion Clinic’ was set ablaze by an extremist. He doesn’t speak about gun control or any divisive political matter. He simply states that we, as a nation, have to stop terrorizing each other and work within the law to make change. People should not be without their love ones because someone thought it was ok to do this.

Where are the politicians that would really say something like that. More importantly where are the ones that would really mean it?

Write your representatives to ask them to make a change and work to lessen this bitter divide.

Here’s how:

Contact your Congressperson

Contact your Senator

Advice for writing an effective letter

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