I’m always cooking up something yummy in my kitchen. It might be a crazy creation more like Mary Shelley’s idea of a mad scientist’s laboratory or it could be a simply derivation on a classic recipe. These are some of the more success things I make. Please comment on the recipes about what you think, especially if you tried cooking any of them!

Cold Brewed Turkish Iced Coffee

This Cold Brewed Turkish Iced Coffee was so yummy even my traditional, “Turkish coffee is the only real coffee,” loving husband really enjoyed this icy treat…

My Favorite Popcorn Recipes: Sriracha and Nutella

I am always wanting naughty foods. I’m usually craving spicy chicken or chocolate, but then my husband asks if I can make my yummy stove-top popcorn. That’s how the idea struck and I started making these; Sriracha Flavored Popcorn and Nutella Flavor Popcorn…


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