The Man in The High Castle

This book is 100% better than the Amazon Prime show of the same name. The Man in The High Castle has richly developed characters with layers far deeper than the pretty actors in the show. The historical and literary references alone were enough to keep me Google and downloading more eBooks to read until the rooster down the street was literally up crowing.

If your a person who ever wonders what if… than this book is for you!

This is the story of a wide cast of characters struggling to survive in a post-WWII world where the Nazis have claimed victory.

Mind-blowing concept especially since this novel was published in the 1960s. But it devels deeper in systemic issues prior to the war that linger in American like feminism, racism, and unemployment.

The reader gets a first person very of the story from each main character. We see how a Nazi Officer struggles to get ahead. How a waitress still loves her ex-husband but had to travel to find work. We get to explore the life of a Jewish Man in the Pacific States through the metal artist Frank’s eyes. But we see Asians and Europeans just trying to get by as they see little benefit in the Nazi plans.

Then the story starts to take so many twists and turns you’d be mad if I told you them! All I will say is that you’ll be turning pages as fast as possible to find out what happens next. And when you finish you will want to read more by Philip K. Dick…maybe the stories The Matrix or Total Recall are based on?

You can find the books for Kindle here.

Happy reading!

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