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I’ve written for many cool companies as a freelancer, a regular contributor, and as a staff writer. Check out these samples of my work by clicking the frames with links to the full articles. For a more detailed portfolio which includes  advertising campaigns, news stories, and professional social media posts contact me

Elie Wiesel in frame


a convert's first eidlaunchgood

whd2030 Nowramadan in egyptWake Up Bomb

Muslim Easter Bunny

arab in spacebanned ramadan adsramadan appsflat6labs15 egy uniNotes From Up HighRace in Southern Mosques
maspero zaman



fawaneesIs Love All You NeedDubai Late NightAvoiding Umrah and Hajj ScamssuhourNot Fasthin Interfaith Ramadancsi cairoMaintaining FriendshipsLiving Green Egyptian Style SistersChapel Hill Three Huffington PostSecertly Celebrate ChristmasStory of BilalEating HalalI celebrate christmasDigital EmpowermentWhy Support MuslimARCworld hijab day



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